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Asked Questions

We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about our panel.

  • Q.What will i get with using your services?

    BoostersPro will help to increase your REAL and In-Target Followers for your Social media Accounts, your Engagement Rate, and organically grow your profile. With the possibilities of Advanced Targeting, it will also allow you to reach your ideal audience, increasing your notoriety and if you are a company it will make you reach your potential customers.

  • Q.How can I be sure it's not a scam?

    All payments made will be processed by Stripe and protected by SSL encryption, the credit card data entered will not be processed directly from our website. This means that not only will we never receive your payment details in clear text, but you will also have an extra warranty protection on purchases.

  • Q.Do you have a Technical Assistance service?

    Sure! We offer Free Technical Assistance to every customer! You can always contact one of our operators who will be ready to meet your every need by calling, by booking it on our website, or the WhatsApp chat from the icon on the site.

  • Q.How do you make me grow?

    Socialmedia requires constant activity. The truth is, you have neither the time nor the resources to constantly engage in this. Our job is to manage all the time-consuming and expensive activities for you. We will follow some accounts potentially interested in your content and, after a few days, we will stop following them. In some cases, when allowed, we also leave targeted "likes", to increase the result. Of the thousands of targeted accounts and posts we interact with, a small percentage will become your Followers.

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